Textile Association India

The Textile Association (India) is the national body of textile professionals and technocrats in the country. It has more than 70 years of service to the industry to its credit. Its membership, which is over 22,000, is spread throughout length and breadth of the Indian sub-continent with 27 affiliated units at various textile centres in the country. These units arrange lectures, group discussions, seminars, symposia, refresher courses exhibitions and conferences in order to serve the people in textile business.

The Textile Association brings out a bimonthly “Journal of the Textile Association” which deals with current developments and literature’s on textiles and allied subjects. Similar to The Textile Institute Manchester, the Textile Association confers Fellowships on outstanding technologists and also conducts ATA, GMTA examinations to enable experienced technicians to enhance their qualifications. The Association is the founder member of Federation of Asian Professional Textile Associations in which the Professional Textile Associations of Taiwan, South Korea, Japan, Hong Kong and Australia are the other members. It is also the founder member of Federation of Asian Professional Textile Associations (FAFTA) and co-sponsor of the International Textile Machinery Exhibition (India-ITME Society).

The Textile Association (India) has extended its Co-operation and joined hands with the Ministry of Textiles and the office of the Textile commissioner, Govt. of India and took a lead in promoting awareness among the Textile Industry about the Technological Upgradation Fund Scheme (TUF) for the textile and Jute Industries in different Textile Centres of our Country. The Textile Association (India) has also submitted its recommendations on the formulation of a New Textile Policy to the Expert committee headed by Mr. Satyam appointed by the Government of India.

The objects of the Association
To promote and stimulate the thought and knowledge of the science of textile technology and its communication by continuing education and training programme in the field of manufacturing of fibre, yarn, fabrics and garments of any description in combination with the knowledge of natural science which relates to the physical, chemical or other fundamental properties of any of the substances used or any of the manufacturing processes employed in the textile education.

To provide appropriate forum for exchange of knowledge, experience and ideas in textile production and textile economics, management and marketing which may include lectures, seminars, work-shop, training classes, conferences, demonstrations, study tours, visits and research studies and to conduct such activities jointly with similar Institutes and Organisations for promotion of textile education.

To provide opportunities and facilities for learning textile technology and management through lectures, discussions, training’s etc., to the members of the Association and to other Organisations of different sectors of the textile industry and to diffuse useful information in the textile and allied subjects and organising participation’s in such activities of students, technologists, managers, researchers and other connected with textile industry.

To print and publish books, booklets, pamphlets, periodicals and other publications and to prepare and circulate video cassettes etc., so as to advance knowledge of textile manufacturing and processing and other relevant matter pertaining to textile industry.

To collect and disseminate statistical and other information’s relating to technology, production capacity, raw materials, machineries, man power, exports, imports, taxation, etc. concerning to textiles and allied industries and to circulate such information for the knowledge of technologists and public at large.