Activity profile of the largest sectoral professional body of india striving for the growth of india’s largest single industry – Textile


  • The Textile Association (India) Registered under the Societies Act of 1860, The Textile Association (India) is not-for-profit organisation managed by the apex body called the Governing Council. Members of GC are elected by the Units in proportion to their membership strength.
  • To promote and stimulate the thought and knowledge of the science of textile technology and its communication by continuing education and training programme in the field of manufacturing of fibre, yarn, fabrics and garments of any description in combination with the knowledge of natural science which relates to the physical, chemical or other fundamental properties of any of the substances used or any of the manufacturing processes employed in the textile education.
  • To provide appropriate forum for exchange of knowledge, experience and ideas in textile production and textile economics, management and marketing which may include lectures, seminars, work-shop, training classes, conferences, demonstrations, study tours, visits and research studies and to conduct such activities jointly with similar Institutes and Organisations for promotion of textile education.
  • To provide opportunities and facilities for learning textile technology and management through lectures, discussions, trainings etc., to the members of the Association and to other Organisations of different sectors of the textile industry and to diffuse useful information in the textile and allied subjects and organising participations in such activities of students, technologists, managers, researchers and other connected with textile industry.
  • Organisation of lectures, seminars, workshops and conferences to disseminate useful information on topics of corrent interest to different segments of the Industry. Publication of a Journal of the Textile Association devoted to new work in applied industrial research in all areas of textiles.
  • Publication of low cost booklets and books of practical value to the practicing professionals – technologist and managers in the Textile Industry.
  • Award of Fellowship (FTA) or Associateship (ATA) to recognise the capability and the contribution of members and also the award of Graduate Membership (GMTA).
  • National level recognition of just two individuals each year by awarding one Honorary Membership and one Honorary Fellowship looking to their contribution to the Textile Industry.
  • Recommendation of policy alternatives to the Government of India and to the Industry at appropriate times.
  • The phenomenal growth achieved by The Textile Association (India) over 63 years is a result not only of the vision of its founding fathers, but also of the true democratic spirit of a vast member of dedicated textile professionals who have worked tirelessly for the cause of The Textile Association (India).
  • The Textile Association (India), provides for the professional growth of technologists, Managers, Executives, Entrepreneurs, Researches, Consultants in the Indian Textile Scenario all fibres, all products, all sectors.