1. Eligibility of Membership

(a)   The Membership of the Textile Association (India) shall be open to those falling under one or more of the following categories:

i) Those engaged in technical, supervisory, administrative or managerial capacities in Textile Mills, Powerlooms, Handlooms, Knitting, Artsilk, Silk, Woollen and jute units of the industry and those employed in manufacturing and Trading of Textile Machineries, Fibres, Dyes, Chemicals and Auxiliaries connected with Textile Industry having a minimum qualification of graduation or diploma.

ii) Those engaged on the technical or administrative staff of any recognized Textile bodies, Technological or Research Institutes or Laboratories and those working as textile consultants.

iii) Those working as Textile Journalists connected with textile and allied periodicals and publications.

iv) All those qualified in Textile from universities, polytechnics and other technical institutions recognized by the Governing Council of the Association from time to time.

v) Those who had worked at some time or other in past in any one of the capacities enumerated in (i) or (ii) above.

(b) The student membership shall be open to those falling under one of the following categories:

i) Student of recognized Textile or Technological Institutes studying diploma or degree courses.

ii) Person working in Textile Industry or Laboratories or Research Institutes not failing under the Regulation 1 (a) but desiring to enhance his qualifications by appearing ATA Examination for which he is eligible.

2. Class of Membership.

There will be FIVE classes of members:
(a) Patron Members
(b) Life Time Members
(c) Corporate Members
(d) Overseas Members
(e) Student Members

a. Patron Members
Persons eligible to become member under Rule 1 (a) can be enrolled as Patron Member by paying fees as per bye-laws. A Life Member can become a Patron member on payment of fees as per bye-laws on completion of five years as Life Member.

b. Life Members
Persons eligible to become member under Rule 1 (a) can be enrolled as Life Member by paying fees as per bye-laws.

c. Corporate Members
This membership will be open to the Textile units, Fibre manufacturers, Textile machinery manufacturers, Dyes, Chemicals and Auxiliary manufacturers etc., connected with the Textile Industry and Textile Research Institutions and Laboratories. The Corporate Membership shall be for TEN years and its fees shall be as per bye-laws. Such Corporate members will have a right to depute two persons for participating in the activities organized by the Association. Such Nominees will enjoy all the facilities of Life Membership.

d. Overseas Members
A Member of the Association who leaves the country to serve or do business in any part of the world or decides to settle permanently in other country and if he desires to receive notices of the meetings, other communications and journals etc., from headquarters he will be required to pay annual subscription as per bye-laws and his membership will be attached to the Central Office as overseas member.


Any Indian or foreign national who has obtained degree / diploma from Indian Universities/Institutions or foreign Universities/Institutions and is settled in other countries, will be eligible to become member of the Association provided he fulfills the eligibility criteria given in Rule 1 (a) on payment of annual subscription as per bye-laws and will be attached to the central office as overseas member.

e. Student Members
A student of the recognized Textile or Technological Institutes can apply with a letter from the Head of his Institutes certifying that he is a bonafide student of the Institutes. Every year while renewing his membership, the student member will have to produce similar certificate. His annual membership fees will be as per bye-laws.


A person working in Textile Industry or Laboratories or Research Organizations or other organizations (recognized by the Association) desiring to appear for ATA Examination can enroll as a student member provided that he has passed SSC or equivalent examination with English, Maths, Physics and Chemistry. Such Member will have to appear for ATA Examination within a period of two years of his membership, otherwise his membership will not be renewed. His annual membership fees will be as per byelaws.

3. The eligibility criteria of membership mentioned above will have to be verified and confirmed by the units at the time of the application except in the case of members already on the roll of the Association as on the date of the amendments to these Rules become effective. But in case of ordinary members such verification will be done every year at the time of renewal of his membership.

4. The Governing Council shall from time to time frame Rules for entrance and membership fees which shall be finally approved by the General body.

5. Persons or organizations fulfilling the eligibility criteria or conditions mentioned in Rule 1 as the case may be is desirous of becoming member of the Association shall apply in the prescribed form of the Association supported by 2 members having 2 years membership of the Association. The admission of the membership shall be governed by the procedure of enrollment of membership as per the bye-laws.

6. Persons becoming member of the Association except 1 (a, b & f) will pay an entrance fee as per bye-laws. While changing Membership from one class to another class no entrance fee will be charged. Entrance fees will be credited to the Central Reserve Fund.

7. Ordinary Members admitted to membership of the Association from Ist April of a financial year or thereafter shall pay full annual fees and the fees so paid will be accounted for the current financial year and his membership will be valid up to 31st March of the said financial year.

8. Every member of the Association shall be attached to any one of the affiliated unit, preferably of the area in which he resides or work at the moment. In case he moves to another area thereafter he may transfer his membership to the unit of that area in which he then resides or works. Such transfer can be made provided that the central office is informed accordingly. No fees shall be charged for such a transfer.

9. Student members, overseas members and the persons nominated by the organizational members will be entitled to attend all the functions and General Body meetings of the Association but will not be eligible to vote at the meetings or stand for the election of the Governing Council or Managing Committee of the units of the Association.

10. A person/organizations being admitted to the Membership of the Association, he or the nominees of the organizations will be deemed to have agreed to abide by the rules and regulations and bye-laws of the Association that may come into force from time to time.

11. Members shall continue to enjoy all rights as Patron or Life Members during their life time as the case may be.

12. Patron Members will be given badges with logo of the Association showing their membership of the Association. Badges will be provided by the central office.

13. Any member whose subscription has remained in arrears for three months and who has not paid in within one month after a written notice given by Hon. Gen. Secretary calling for such payment shall cease to be a member and his name shall be removed from the Register of Members and will not be entitled to vote in the election. The termination of membership of such defaulting members shall be informed to the Governing Council.

14. Membership fees collected will be shared between the centre and the affiliated units as per bye-laws. The share of the centre out of the fees of Patron members will be credited to a special fund earmarked for capital expenditure of any nature as decided by the Governing Council. The affiliated units will be free to spend its share of membership fees in a manner as it deem fit for the furtherance of the objects of the Association.